Bury the Hatchet


The value of being a constant caregiver and protector is key in helping shape the first world of a child. That can be achieved by overcoming every pain and obstacle while healing from any type of abuse you would have suffered. Reflecting in the understanding of your own pain empowers you to do that. However, forgiveness not only of others but of self too, is the main resource to crossing over and connecting to your happiness. “Forgiveness is the only way to mend fractured souls.”

When one can finally “Bury the Hatched”, they claim back their lives and it delivers the ultimate price of freedom, healing and contentment.

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Bury the hatchet is an American English idiom that means “to make peace”. Portia has taken upon herself to embrace the gift of self-healing by reflecting on her own childhood days including the painful events she encountered as she was growing up. She unlocks her path towards making peace by unfolding the pain, anger, resentment and despair she faced because of her own mother’s inability to embody the purest form of love. The role and position of a mother to a child is of great value and not receiving that can lead to perpetuating life-patterns through blame and anger. “There is no alternate route to healing and purpose without self-reflection and the acknowledgement that all the events of life make us who we truly are.”



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