A Gift of Life


When family did not have R170 000.00, Refilwe fund was established and people started donating through the fund to help Refilwe to overcome the odds against her. The late Nelson “Tata” Mandela assisted the Sibiya family by assigning the funds through Sisulu Fund to help with the operation costs for Refilwe. The book was written to tell a story of hope and a story of life, but most importantly it was written to share A Gift of Life.

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A Gift of Life is a true life story book by Suzan Sibiya on her journey with her   daughter Refilwe Sibiya. The book outlines some of the challenges she faced   concerning her daughters heart operation. When Refilwe was born, she was   different from other children, her breathing, and her cries were different. After going through a first successful heart operation done by Dr. Kinsley, she was obligated to partake in the second operation. The book shares some of the moments of Refilwe’s health problems.


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